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Cavity Nesting Birds Trail

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McConnells Mill State Park

Moraine State Park

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Muddy Creek Oil Field

Moraine State Park

Award-winning Oil Field Restoration

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Prairie Entrance Gets Makeover!

Jennings Environmental and Education Center

Volunteers plant native habitat at entrance to prairie.

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Invasive Bullies

Invasives crowd out native plants, destroying biodiversity and habitats for native insects and animals.

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Jennings Environmental Education Center

Dedicated to bringing environmental education to the community.

Celebrate the unique ecosystem that is the Jennings prairie at Celebrate the Bloom every July.

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McConnells Mill State Park

Autumn Vista on Slippery Rock Creek

Adventure or reflection? Your choice when you visit this beautiful park.

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Moraine State Park

Kayak Into the Sunset

One of Pennsylvania's most-visited parks, so much to do for everyone!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 7:00 to 8:30pm
Topic: Mira Lloyd Dock, Trailblazing Environmental Advocate
Jennings Environmental Education Center

Botanist, educator, civic leader, conservationist, activist! These words describe Mira Lloyd Dock, who broke social conventions in the late 1800s by studying and lecturing on botany and forestry. After attending a conference in London, she returned to a filthy Harrisburg with the goal of cleaning it up. She initiated the ideas of building water treatment plants and sewer lines, as well as city parks, athletic fields and playgrounds. Ms. Dock was the first woman ever appointed to a Pennsylvania state government post. Join 3MJC at this get-together to learn more about this amazing woman's accomplishments. 

The public is welcome to attend this meeting of Moraine, McConnells Mill and Jennings Commission (3MJC), a non-profit friends group that supports these three parks. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the classroom building (2951 Prospect Road in Slippery Rock, PA) at Jennings Environmental Education Center.

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New Issue! The Backyard BlueBird -- Summer/Fall 2017.

The Backyard BlueBird -- Spring 2017 issue of the 3MJC newsletter.

The Backyard Bluebird -- Winter 2016 issue.

Moraine Park History Available

Moraine History Cover

About 20,000 years ago, the late Wisconsinian glaciation reached its maximum extent. Glacial deposits identify the moraine, or farthest area covered by the glacier. Muddy Creek was a north-flowing stream that was blocked by the south-advancing glacier, forming a huge lake that lasted until the glacier dam began to retreat. The lake rapidly drained, eventually exposing the vast Muddy Creek basin. Dr. Frank Preston envisioned recreating the ancient glacial lake and worked with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to begin the project that became 16,725 acre Moraine State Park. Its centerpiece, manmade Lake Arthur and the surrounds, provide outstanding outdoor recreation and relaxation opportunities.

A lifelong resident of Butler County, Pennsylvania, Polly Shaw is a retired teacher, history enthusiast, and long-time state park volunteer. She has selected images from park archives, resources of two park support groups, local amateur photographers, and her personal collection, to tell the history of the immediate area, including the Western Allegheny Railroad, and the impressive reclamation of the land that had been ravaged by mining and oil. Pictures illustrate the monumental work that transformed the land, from construction of the dam and moving a US highway, to repurposing the surrounding area to create today’s Moraine State Park.

The book can be purchased at various local stores, including the Owlet Gift Shop at Moraine, the Nature Shop at Jennings, A complete list of locations is available upon request.