McConnells Mill

Native Plant and Butterfly Trail

Moraine State Park

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Cavity Nesting Birds Trail

Jennings Environmental Education Center

McConnells Mill State Park

Moraine State Park

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Muddy Creek Oil Field

Moraine State Park

Award-winning Oil Field Restoration

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Prairie Entrance Gets Makeover!

Jennings Environmental and Education Center

Volunteers plant native habitat at entrance to prairie.

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Invasive Bullies

Invasives crowd out native plants, destroying biodiversity and habitats for native insects and animals.

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Jennings Environmental Education Center

Dedicated to bringing environmental education to the community.

Celebrate the unique ecosystem that is the Jennings prairie at Celebrate the Bloom every July.

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McConnells Mill State Park

Autumn Vista on Slippery Rock Creek

Adventure or reflection? Your choice when you visit this beautiful park.

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Moraine State Park

Kayak Into the Sunset

One of Pennsylvania's most-visited parks, so much to do for everyone!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 7:00 to 8:30pm.
Who is Gifford Pinchot?
Jennings Environmental Education Center

Have you recently hiked, camped or backpacked in the forest with friends or family? If so, you can thank Gifford Pinchot for saving the forest for you!! Learn about this dynamic man's love of nature as a child and the events that transpired to shape him into an avid conservationist. He eventually earned the title "Father of Conservation."