I Want to Help

It was the the gifted inspirations of the former Governor, Gifford Pinchot, and former Secretary of Forests and Waters, Maurice Goddard, that resulted in the modern state parks system in Pennsylvania.  They believed that no Pennsylvanian should be more than 25 miles from a state park. Today, that is nearly true. The geographically linked, state owned facilities known as Jennings Environmental Education Center and Moraine and McConnell's Mill State Parks in Butler and Lawrence counties are just a part of this state parks system. We at 3MJC work to keep those dreams alive and to make these regional parks the best they can be. Would you like to help?

There are many ways to support your parks and the opportunities they provide. We at 3MJC offer you a variety of ways in which you can directly make a difference in the vitality of our region by supporting the state parks. This is particularly important in these days of belt-tightening budgets.



One of the best ways to help is to make a gift of your time and your special talents. If you can help us by volunteering please let us know your skills and how you can best help your park. Volunteering is such a wonderful opportunity to make use of those skills or that knowledge you don't get a chance to use during your day-to-day activities. Love to bake? Perhaps you'd like to prepare goodies to help raise funds during a special event. Have a penchant for wildflowers or gardening? The Native Plant and Butterfly Trail can always use an extra pair of hands. Like to meet people? How about working at an information booth during an event? Neatness and orderliness your thing? Maybe you'd like to help clean up various areas.

Following are seasons and times we need volunteer help.

Early April: Come on down to help at our Swamp Run aid station for the Glacier Ridge Ultramarathon!

Late April: Invasive Plant Day - pull out all the Garlic Mustard you can stuff into a trash bag! Free training provided and free pizza afterward.

Early August:  Help us man our booth at the Lake Arthur Regatta. No experience necessary.

Early November:  We'll be whacking down autumn olive bushes and could use your help at our second invasive plant eradication day of the year.

To volunteer, send us an email at 3mjcparks@gmail.com or call us at 724-285-5618 to find out specific dates and to learn more ways you can help us Partner with our Parks! We'd love to hear from you!



If our causes and concerns interest you and you would like to become a member, please consider becoming a joining our organization.


Individual: $10.00
Family/Organization: $15.00
Sponsor: $50.00-$99.00

Checks are accepted and can be made payable to 3MJC or Moraine, McConnells Mill, Jennings Commission.

Click here for a PDF application to print, complete and send to us along with your membership fee.



If you'd prefer to simply give money to a park or a specific park program, that works also. We can direct donations to your favorite park or to a cause within a park. Perhaps you'd like to donate a picnic table, a bench or a tree to environmental education. Perhaps you'd like to help out the Native Plant and Butterfly Trail or help the Muddy Creek Oil Well keep up its operation. Perhaps you have a cause no one's even thought about. We can guarantee that 100% of your donation will be directed to the purpose you choose. We do not charge for services nor do we have any paid staff. We are all volunteers working to improve our parks. Send your donation to 3MJC, c/o Moraine State Park, 225 Pleasant Valley Road, Portersville, PA 16051. We accept checks made payable to "3MJC".


Memorial to a Loved One

Provide a lasting memorial to your loved one by donating a bench to the park of your choice. The benches have backs and are made of recycled plastic. They have inground-mounted legs and a custom 2" x 10" bronze plaque which can contain up to four lines of text. The color is cedar the the frame is black powder-coated.

Six-foot bench   $1175.00
Eight-foot bench   $1275.00


Gifts for your Friends

Give the gift that goes twice as far. When you give one of these items to a friend or relative, the recipient has their own "piece of the park" and your donation supports 3MJC work.

Muddy Creek Oil Field History

This History of the Muddy Creek Oil Field and the Marshall-Barr Site, by Ned Stokes, contains illustrations and text describing the Muddy Creek oil field history from geological data to present. Included are ownership events, names and information on property owners, western Pennsylvania area oil industry history and other local lore.



McConnells Mill  Photo CD Cover

This photo CD contains images of spectacular scenery of McConnells Mill as it changes throughout the seasons. A wonderful gift for someone who loves McConnells Mill.

Suggested donation: $6.00   Suggested donation: $5.00

To get the Muddy Creek Oil Field History and/or the McConnells Mill photo CD, please send a note requesting how many of each you would like, along with your name and address, to 3MJC, c/o Moraine State Park, 225 Pleasant Valley Road, Portersville, PA 16051. We accept checks made payable to "3MJC". Please add $1.75 for shipping and handling for each item requested.

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