Our Partner Parks

The Moraine, McConnells Mill, Jennings Commission works on a variety of projects to educate and enhance park visitor experience at the three parks in the DCNR's western region.


Blazing Star Blooms


Jennings Environmental Education Center

Jennings Environmental Education Center is dedicated to providing environmental education and interpretation to the community. The rare relict prairie with it spectacular and well-known prairie flower, the blazing star, is a regional treasure.

3MJC assists Jennings personnel in recognizing volunteers and establishing park programs.

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Covered Bridge in Winter


McConnells Mill State Park

McConnells Mill State Park with its restored gristmill and covered bridge in beautiful Slippery Rock Creek Gorge is on Pennsylvania's list of state parks not to be missed. This park provides natural beauty through all the seasons.

3MJC has worked on various projects at McConnells Mill over the years.

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Swamp Milkweed near Boardwalk


Moraine State Park

With its 16,725-acres, Moraine State Park is the place to go for fun. Lake Arthur supports fishing and boating, there are hiking and biking trails and even a disc golf course. And, that's not all.

Moraine also provides great opportunities for education and the 3MJC's restored Muddy Creek Oil Field and the Native Plant and Butterfly Trail provide visitors the opportunity to learn about preserving both our native environment and our industrial history.

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